Habitat Management

Sites are autonomous. Based on prior experience and management goals, site stewards plan management activities that fall within local constraints and take into consideration previous land use, current threats, and achievable conservation values. Across the sites shown above, a wide range of habitat management approaches are being applied.

Monitoring Activities

To track management effects, protocols for monitoring vegetation response were developed by Helen Poulos and Andrew Barton. Templates for data collection and reporting were also provided. [Learn more about the vegetation monitoring goals and approach]

To track bee communities at these unique sites, a protocol for sampling native bees was developed by Joan Milam and is maintained by Amanda Dillon. Joan Milam oversaw the identification of bees collected in 2018, and the responsibility for bee identification is now with the National Bee Inventory and Monitoring lab overseen by Sam Droege and Clare Maffei. [Learn more about the bee monitoring and approach]

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